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Winterize Your Pipes During a Power Outage in Cold Temperatures

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Over a half million people lost power from the fierce wind storms that came through southeast Michigan during the last 48 hours. The high winds wreaked havoc on many cities, causing hundreds of downed power lines and fallen trees. Over 600,000 residents and businesses are without power for possibly days. Because of that, there’s a good chance that many of you will have to leave your homes to seek warm shelter elsewhere until all is back to normal.

If you must leave your house (especially when temperatures are still quite cold), this is something important you should do before you pack your bags: safeguard your plumbing. Doing so will avoid possible cracked or burst pipes and cracked toilets due to having no heat in your home to keep those pipes warm.

  1. Turn off your water at the meter
  2. Flush all toilets to drain most of the water out
  3. Open every faucet in your house, including the laundry tub (if you have one.)
  4. In each toilet box, and also each toilet bowl, add 1 cup of RV or marine antifreeze (available in the sporting goods section of your favorite store, like Meijer, or any sporting goods store.)
  5. In each sink, shower and bathtub drain, add 2 tablespoons of the RV/marine antifreeze. This will help keep the traps from freezing.

If you follow these steps, your plumbing will not freeze in these cold temperatures when your heat goes out due to a power outage.


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