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Rain Handler Instead of Traditional Gutters / Repairing Rod Hole Leaks / Sump Pump Problems / Marble vs. Wood Sills

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I have heard of a system to disperse water from the roof without using traditional gutters. What is it called and where can I find it?


The product is called Rain Handler™ and SaveTime Corp manufactures it.

I have it installed on a portion of my house that was not conducive to gutters or downspouts and the product works great.

The rain runs off the roof onto the Rain Handler™ fins, which in turn evenly disperses the rain away from the house. I’ve watched in amazement that it works effectively no matter how hard it is raining. It is extremely easy to install. You only need the ability to measure and cut using a sheet metal sheer. You will also need a Phillips screwdriver along with a hammer and at least one 6D common nail.

They do not get clogged with leaves or debris. I do get some leaves in the fins but because the unique design it is self-cleaning and it is not a problem.

The Rain Handler™ system cost approximately $21.90 per 5-foot section plus installation, shipping and handling. It is available from the manufacturer by calling toll-free 1-800-942-3004 or visit their website www.rainhandler.com to get more information as well as nearest distributor. I know that Home Depot also carries them.


Our house was built in 2002. It has about 50 tie rod leaks in the basement. What could be the cause of so many leaks?


The cause: sloppy workmanship and poor supervision. That being said, they are easy to repair. Wear eye protection, and chisel out each rod hole leak using a small chisel and hammer. Go in about 3 to 5-inches. Rinse out the hole using a garden pump sprayer and water.

Purchase hydraulic cement at the local home or hardware store. Mix a small portion with water. Mix only what you can use per hole. Wear gloves and quickly knead the cement mixture into a cigar shape and shove it into the rod hole. Now move on to the next hole.


My home is two years old and the sump pump runs every six minutes all the time. I have burned out three sump pumps in two years. Outside of a battery back-up and siphon ejector, what else can I do to fix my problem?


There are numerous contributing factors that can cause your sump pump to run frequently. Let’s assume for the time being that the water table is not exceptionally high. Your local building department can probably give you that answer.

I would make sure the terrain around you entire house is sloped away from your house for at least four to six feet with at least a one inch per foot slope.

Next, make sure your gutters are kept clean and are not overflowing. If you don’t have gutters, install them. The downspouts should have extensions that take the roof run-off at least six feet from the house.

All concrete surfaces should also slope away from the house. If they have settled backward, check into concrete leveling.

Finally, where does your sump pump discharge? If it goes right through the wall and discharges on the ground, you’re probably turning the same water over and over again. The pipe discharge should terminate into the storm sewer or away from your house.


My 50-year old house has metal framed, double pane windows. The window frames have marble sills. The drywall immediately adjacent to almost every window frame has become crumbly at the bottom near the marble sills. Will replacing the marble with wood sills solve the problem?


You have marble sills because you have inexpensive metal windows. The metal conducts and cold moisture in your house condenses on the frames and drips down. The existing sills are designed to prevent even more damage. Replacing them with wood may not solve the problem since the wood could swell up or rot from the condensation.

Before you go to all the expense of replacing the windows, replace one sill with pressure treated wood sealed on all sides. See if it makes a difference. If not, start shopping windows.

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