Check Out Bissell’s New Deep Cleaners / Finding The Right Contractors For Leaky Foundation As Well As Remodeling Afterward

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Bissell’s New Deep Cleaners

It really seems like all the dirt and grime from this past winter got tracked in my house, which left my carpets pretty sad looking. So spring cleaning here I come!

Bissell’s new Deep Clean Premiere™ carpet cleaning machine couldn’t have come on the market at a better time.  This machine is very powerful. I couldn’t believe all the dirt it sucked out of the carpeting, leaving them clean and looking brand new again.

I especially liked that it had ten rows of dual rotating power brushes along with the new heating technology, which helped maintain the water temperature the entire time I cleaned. I also liked that the solution tank was larger so I didn’t have to make as many trips refilling it. The one thing I wished it would have had, was a sensor to alert me to when the solution was low or even gone and a longer power cord would have helped too for my larger rooms. Regardless, those small inconveniences are insignificant when you compare the Bissell Deep Clean Premiere™ to its competition.

This unit also came equipped with a hand-held cleaner with a long enough hose to spot clean the fabric on my furniture, too. The Deep Clean Premiere™ was a breeze to use and made cleaning the carpets so easy and actually fun! Now I can clean my own carpeting like a professional and not have to pay those “professional prices” any longer. It’s also nice to be able to clean my carpeting on a moment’s notice instead of having to wait for a scheduled appointment. In addition, Bissell made the Deep Clean Premiere™ very easy to clean when I was finished using it.

It has a manufacturers retail price of $199.00 and is available at Target, Wal-Mart as well as other major retailers. It is well worth the investment.

Bissell has also come out with the portable SpotClean™ machine for spot cleaning furniture, stairs, hard-to-reach areas, as well as the interior carpet and upholstery of my car. All the winter snow and sludge that was dragged into my car during the winter months made the interior look pretty sad, but Bissell helped to renew my car’s interior.

This machine is also convenient if you are a pet-owner, like myself. It comes in handy in a pinch when those unfortunate little “accidents” happen with our lovable furry friends.

It may be a smaller version of the Bissell DeepClean Premier™ but it does an amazing job at getting those smaller cleaning jobs tackled, too. It is a very convenient cleaning machine and retails for $99.99 and can also be found at major retail stores.


My mother, who is a widowed senior citizen, lives in Livonia and needs some foundation/leak work done on her basement. She also wants to remodel it as well but does not know to go about hiring the right company to do this work. She is worried about getting ripped off. What are some questions she can ask companied when interviewing them for such a job as this?


Have her call several basement waterproofing companies and get estimates. Verify all of them with the Better Business Bureau as well as discuss the eventual company she thinks she will use with the Livonia building inspector. See what the local inspector thinks of the company and if they have had any problems with them. Regardless, make sure the company has been in business for a while and that they will provide a long-term warranty.

As for remodeling the basement, have her check with friends as well as parishioners at church. See if any of them have a good contractor that they use and trust. That being said there is no guaranty that she still won’t get ripped off. Advise the company that you will eventually decide on that one she will be hiring her own private inspector to inspect the project as work progresses as well as before they g et their final draw.

Finally, have her and you as well, follow your instincts. I have found my instinct rarely fails me. If she is in doubt and has a funny or uncomfortable feeling about the salesman or the company move on regardless of their quote.

I hope this information is useful to her.

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