Hurricane Sandy and Other Disasters

In Being Prepared for Emergencies & Other Disasters on November 7, 2012 at 4:05 pm
Dear Friends,In light of  what has been happening on the east coast and all the way to Ohio I want to remind you all that you MUST be prepared to survive for a minimum of two weeks up to a month.  Surviving means having enough food, water, medicine, flashlights, lanterns, batteries, pet food,  etc.

This is day 10 for hundreds of thousands of families that still do not have electricity, water or heat (gas).  It absolutely can happen where you and I live.  We may not have a hurricane, but severe weather, power outages, tornadoes, or earthquakes can and do happen.

If you are lucky enough to have a generator, having 5 gallons of gas will be of little value when power is out for days at a time. Be prepared with a minimum of 20 – 25 gallons of gas in 5 gallon cans treated with Stabel, a fuel additive that keeps gasoline from going bad.

If we learned nothing from hurricanes Sandy or Katrina, at least we know we have to be prepared for an extended time. I don’t believe our government is capable, in a catastrophe, of mustering enough resources to provide the services we all need and expect.  I think it is up to each and every one of us to provide for ourselves and our families.

We all watched the news and saw thousands of people waiting in lines that are miles long for food, water and gasoline.You will never see me or Barbara waiting in a line like that for anything. We have prepared for contingencies like these and we want our family and friends to also be prepared.

We are not prepping for the end of the world or to be the last man standing.  We are prepping for emergencies such as the country has been experiencing as well as Electrical Magnetic Pulses (EMP).An EMP can occur as a result of solar flares or a nuclear explosion in the air.  In either case, if large enough, an EMP can immediately destroy all electronics as well as the entire electrical grid in this country.  If that occurs, you will no longer have internet, cell phones, utilities, or commerce.

Cars built after 1997 will not be drivable due to the computerized electronics in the newer cars.

There is no doubt that eventually services will be restored, but how long will it take? Will you and your family be able to hunker down and not have to go out in the ensuing mess?  If you prepare properly, the answer is yes.On the front page of my website, I have made a list of items you need to survive. You’ll find it at www.Technihouse.com

Please read it and start preparing.

Stay safe,

  1. Lon, this is wonderful information that each of us can use to make certain our families and homes are prepared for many types of disasters. Thank you! Diana P.

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