AtticMaxx Shelving System

In AttcMaxx on September 21, 2011 at 2:01 pm

AtticMaxx™ Shelving System You are paying “rent” on the stuff you store in your attic! I find many times that people stash seldom used items or holiday decorations in their attic. If your attic is properly insulated that would have been nearly impossible. A properly insulated attic should have at least 18-inches deep of insulation. By putting items on top of the insulation and compressing it, you have reduced the insulation’s R-value to an almost insignificant amount. By not insulating or compressing the insulation in an area and storing items there you are losing heat from your house. You are also contributing to ice dam problems in the winter. Either way, you can read this as costing you money. To save you money, yet maintain your attic storage, check out http://www.AtticMaxx.com. AtticMaxx™ is an attic storage system that utilizes your existing roof truss system. The trusses are pre-made framing that support and make up your roof structure. Prior to trusses, roof structures were built on-site. The framing, for the sake of simplicity, were called rafters. With many rafter-framed roofs, there usually was room to walk or store items in the attic. Of course that depended on the slope of the roof. Regardless, you still lost energy by storing items in the attic. Along comes AtticMaxx™. It is a simple- to-use and install, storage system that easily attaches to your trusses above the insulation, not on top of it. It can also be used on unfinished walls in basements, garages and outbuildings. The AtticMaxx™ kits come with eight shelving units and cost $169.99 per set. Each shelf holds up to 50 pounds. They provide easy access to your items (a.k.a. “stuff”). All you need to install the AtticMaxx™ is a screwdriver along with their email address or phone number. To help get you started, contact them at 650-870-6556 or info@atticmaxx.com.


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